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Anthropology Program Director
Dr. Miguel Leatham


Sociology & Anthropology

Ms. Shawn Keane



Lisa K. Vanderlinden

Ph.D., Rutgers University 2003; Associate Professor.

Research and teaching interests: cultural anthropology, medical anthropology, health and inequality, infertility and reproduction, ideologies of belonging; medical politics of toxics, illness legitimation, ethnicity, migration, gender, media and culture; Europe (Germany), North America, Turks in migration.






Ph.D., Cultural Anthropology, Rutgers University, 2003
M.Phil., Cultural Anthropology, Women’s Studies, Rutgers University, 1998
Ethnology, Free University, Berlin, Germany, 1998-2000
German Studies Program, University of Munich, Germany, 1993-94
B.A. (summa cum laude) English, sociology, Concordia College, 1992




Professional Biography


Dr. Vanderlinden is a medical and cultural anthropologist who has conducted ethnographic fieldwork with migrant populations in urban settings in Germany and the United States. Her research focuses on health and inequality.


Dr. Vanderlinden’s research in Germany examines the complex ways in which ethnicity, migration, and gender shape health status disparities, particularly in the realm of reproduction. She has worked predominantly with migrant populations of Turkish heritage and contrasts their experiences with those of ethnic German populations. She uses the lens of ethnic difference to examine the experience of infertility and the cultural politics of belonging in modern Germany.


Dr. Vanderlinden’s research in the United States investigates the medical politics of toxicity and the social process of legitimizing stigmatized illness in the context of the 2001 World Trade Center disaster. A former NYC resident and 9/11 illness sufferer, she has used auto-ethnography and participant observation to examine World Trade Center-related diseases as contested illnesses. Her anthropological analysis is attentive to the politically charged disputes over the relationship of environmental toxins to disease and the inequities in medical treatment and remediation.


Dr. Vanderlinden’s research has been funded by the Social Science Research Council, the Woodrow Wilson Foundation, the Council for European Studies and the University Bevier Fellowship.



Courses Taught


Introduction to Cultural Anthropology
Medical Anthropology
Health and Inequality
Anthropology and the Body
Sex, Gender and Culture
Mass Media and Culture



Selected Publications


Vanderlinden, Lisa K. (forthcoming 2011) “Left in the Dust: Negotiating Environmental Illness in the Aftermath of 9/11,” Medical Anthropology 30(1).


Vanderlinden, Lisa K. (2009) “German Genes and Turkish Traits: Ethnicity, Infertility and Reproductive Politics in Germany,” Social Science and Medicine 69:266-273.


Vanderlinden, Lisa K. (2009) “East in West? Turkish Migrants and the Conception of the Ethnic Other in Germany,” in Assisting Reproduction, Testing Genes: Global Encounters with New Biotechnologies, Daphna Carmeli and Marcia Inhorn, eds. Pp. 29-60. New York: Berghahn Press.


Vanderlinden, Lisa K. (2008) “Picturing Difference: Classroom Explorations of Otherness through National Geographic Images,” Transformations: The Journal for Inclusive Scholarship and Pedagogy 18(1): 26-46.

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